Berlioz, apparently (perverbially) wrote in fma_het,
Berlioz, apparently

(FIC: LAN FAN/LING YAO, NC17) Nothing like the first (Stay)

I can't stop guys help. (crossposted, sorry if you see this more than once!)
Title: Nothing like the first (Stay)
Spoilers: for all of Ling and Lan Fan's arc.
Pairing(s): Ling Yao/Lan Fan
Genre: Het. Smut.
Summary: This is nothing like the first time.
Warnings/Rating: Smut. Explicit smut. NC-17.
Notes: Shameless wish-fulfilment. Both Lan Fan and Ling are of age because smut, so much smut.
Disclaimer: I'm just borrowing, I promise.

(" his ear, though, the leather band that holds her kunai is tight and ever-present.")

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