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(fic) Untitled Ed/Winry NC-17

This fic was inspired by a pic posted awhile ago by hj_hikari when I posted ages ago about Ed/Winry fanart on fm_alchemist .

Here's the link to the pic


and here's my fic set to it, which will be cross-posted in my personal LJ.

Full Metal Alchemist and its characters do not belong to me in any way shape or form.

This is an Edward and Winry lemon I’ve been working on for like ever. I’m always nervous about writing for anime that is 1. Ongoing because no one knows how it will end. 2. New, simply because of my not having a good feel enough for the characters before writing them. Especially, poor Winry, I’m basing her character the best I can on what limited exposure she seems to have in the anime. I have been downloading the manga, but have not had the chance to go through any of it. I hope Edward is IC, at least, but then this is set like two years in the future and I could use the excuse about people changing, though I’m leery about using that excuse.

This is also the type of lemon I hate writing the most. It’s a first time lemon, meaning, that Ed and Winry have had no prior experience. I wanted the fic to be more sensual (less awkward) and have a better flow, but it’s kinda hard when both characters are new to sex. So I apologize if some of the beauty is lost here, though it will be put into any future Ed/Winry lemons, because the “beginning” will have been done with.

Ah well, whatever, I tried my best and if it’s not good enough and totally crap then I’ll have to accept that and if whoever reads this actually enjoys this, then I’m glad you did, plus it might mean the difference in me continuing the story or just leaving it as a one shot. ^_^


“Geez Winry, for the last time I’m sorry, okay? You don’t have to keep scowling at me like that.”

“I rarely get a day off as it is and then when I do, you have to come by and create a mess for me to clean up. So the least you can do is help me resort these.” Ed felt somewhat winded when Winry aggressively shoved an open box into his gut. “Well? What are you waiting for? If we hurry, maybe we can still salvage some of the day for hiking.”

With a long defeated sigh, Edward Elric kicked off his boots and sat down beside his life-long friend, Winry Rockbell, who was now tossing various nuts and bolts into three different containers. He looked straight ahead at his own three boxes, grumbling under his breath as he began to separate his own pile of metal bits into the appropriate containers.

Silence fell between the two, and though it was not an uncomfortable silence, it seemed to weigh a little too heavy on the alchemist’s shoulders. Just how pissed was Winry at him anyway? He cleared his throat, and tested the waters, careening his neck to the side, since he was facing the opposite direction as her.

His gild cast eyes took in the intensity of her sky blue eyes, her furrowed brow and the glint of two perfectly, white teeth that were biting at her lower lip in concentration. Ed had to admit that she was kinda cute when she was all riled up, and, in the last two years she had really gotten even cuter, though the word didn’t seem to fit her. Pretty was a better word, or even more appropriate, would be, the word beautiful.

Her long lashes graced her cheeks briefly as she blinked, noticing for the first time that she was being stared at. She twisted her head to the side, one of her fine eyebrows arching elegantly on her brow as if asking, what is it? “Ed, why aren’t you working?” Her curious expression seemed to go away a little, replaced by a softer, more uncertain look complete with the hint of a blush in her cheeks.

She shook her head out of the clouds, breaking her shared gaze with Ed and began resorting again.
The young man went back to his own work, confused a little with himself about how his relationship with Winry had seemed to change within the last few months. He had not even been sure when he had stopped looking at her as just a “buddy” and instead as, yes, he had started looking at her as a young woman; mature and attractive, despite her quick tempered stubbornness and tendency to be obsessive about her work. Yea, who was he kidding, he was the exact same way, well maybe not so mature, or attractive, at times.

The eighteen year-old male, decided to try again, the silence in the room beginning to feel suffocating. “Hey, Winry. Why don’t we do this later and get out of here and have some fun?”

She snorted most unladylike. “I know what you’re up to, Edward Elric. You’re leaving for a mission tonight, so you think if you can get us to goof off we’ll waste time and then you’ll get to leave without having to help me clean up this mess, that “you” created.”

His normal retort was silenced as he found himself looking at her again, appreciating the slim curve of her neck and shoulders that were exposed by the simple up-sweep of her sleek golden hair. A shiver of warmth, seemed to pass through his body as he studied the loosed strands of sunny hues that flowed down her back and over her pale smooth skin, bare skin that did not end until just to the tops of breasts, which were covered by a casual black halter top. A top that in no way could hide the fact of how much she had definitely matured in the last two years. The leggings she wore, under the hip-reaching shirt, may have covered the creamy complexion of her legs, but they could not disguise the slender length encased behind the knit material.

Ed shifted uncomfortably, the heat in his body now converging into one particular area of his anatomy, making him even more frustrated and tense. He then closed his eyes to strengthen his resolve, opening them again, as he began to lean his upper body toward the unsuspecting girl. His glove-covered right hand lightly grasped her elbow, locking her body so that she could not pull away from him as he placed his lips, ever so lightly upon her cheek.

Feeling the young man moving toward her, Winry shifted her eyes to the side, totally taken off guard, by the feel of his hand on her arm, and even more so by the touch of his warm, moist lips heating a patch of her face were they were placed. If not so stunned by his actions, the blonde girl may have been able to lose herself in the stolen moment.

“Ed? What, what are you doing?”

He drew himself back immediately and released her from his hold, turning his head away so that she could not see the red in his face. His usual brash, bravado took over. “N, nothing, I was…it was just a joke. Yea, a joke just to get to you…I bet you’ve never even been kissed by a boy before…ha, ha.”

A short sigh left Winry as she rolled her eyes. “And exactly how many girls have you kissed, eh?”

Ed’s eyes narrowed, as he glared at her sideways, knowing, that there was no way he could pull the wool over on this girl. “You’re the first one.”

Not letting him off the hook so easily, she cupped her left ear. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

“You’re the first one.” He mumbled somewhat more loudly.

“What, I still didn’t…”

“You are the first girl I’ve ever kissed! All right? Are you satisfied? Are you happy you’ve gotten me again?” He didn’t realize that he was yelling right into her face, until after his out break was over. He darted his head back again and slumped his body, glaring at the floor as he fumed. “Okay, you won, laugh it up so you can get it out of your system.”

When he heard nothing but quiet in the room, he peeked back up at her face, seeing that she was still staring back at him, though her expression held no smugness, no heir of superiority or evil teasing, just sweetness and sincerity.

“Well, that wasn’t quite a first kiss for either of us, don’t you think? I mean doesn’t a first “real” kiss happen on the lips?”

Quite stunned himself now, Ed swallowed the lump in his throat as he straightened back up his body. “You mean you want me to be…?”

She wrapped her arms loosely around his neck, her hands clasping together at the nape. “I want you to be my first…in everything, Edward.”

Taking off his gloves so that his sweaty hand could breath, Ed’s mind tried desperately to process and translate the exact meaning of Winry’s words. “M, me…?” He wanted to suddenly die as he heard his voice crack and he quickly cleared his throat. “But Winry?”

“Listen.” She continued on, her eyes shifting nervously to his chest. “I love you…and I always have…we’ve been such good friends for so long, and, well, now I think I want you in a whole other way, not as a brother, or a friend, but as a potential, boyfriend, even…lover. I know you probably don’t feel the same way, but I just had to…”

“No, no, wait I do.” Ed’s words were hasty and desperate and his hands clasped onto her shoulders so that she would look at him. “These past few months, I’ve, um felt, er, the same, like I wanted something…more, to happen between us.”

A hopeful, timid smile graced her lips and her eyes watered a little with happy tears. “You do? Oh, Ed!” She tugged him into a tight embrace, an embrace he most graciously returned. “I’m so glad to hear that…it makes me feel so wonderful.”

“You are wonderful, Winry.” He told her most sincerely, an even more sincere grin spreading across his face.

She pulled away slightly, until they were simply nose to nose, their lips only an inch or so apart. “I’ve decided that this place can wait to be cleaned up…so, we could…have some fun?”

His only response to her suggestion was to kiss her, a proper first kiss this time, filled with all of the pent up months of desire and yearning he had held for her. She responded in the same manner, her lips parting to accept his tongue that glided gently over her teeth, before entrancing her own tongue into a most sensuous play.

They soon found themselves up on their knees, she pushing off his jacket and he plucking the pins from her hair, the golden locks tumbling softly down her back to her waist. He licked her jaw and nipped at her ear, kissing her neck as he raised them both to their feet. He released her, and took a step back, pulling off his shirt and discarding it on the floor. His shaking hands then flew to the button at the top of his pants, but before he could unclasp them, her fingers covered his. “May I?”

Ed blinked at her question, staring into gentle swirls of clear blue sky. He nodded his consent, hitching his breath as he felt the loosening of his slacks and the slow descent of the zipper being undone by her. His body shivered somewhat when he felt her hands glide around his waist and slowly nudge down his pants and briefs until both items were pooled around his ankles. Without thought he stepped out of the confining garments and casually kicked them away, letting them join their brother shirt on the floor.

Cupping his jaw between her hands, Winry smoothed her palms downward, her fingertips tingling as the feel of his smooth cool auto-mail warmed under her touch. They did not ignore his human skin however, and caressed it just as gingerly, molding to every bump and curve of muscle and valley.

The full metal alchemist groaned inwardly, his eyes rolling behind his closed lids at the crazy sensations that her touch was creating in him, even more so as he about fell forward, having to catch himself on her body when her hands decided to curl around his rapidly growing excitement.

Winry bit her lip to suppress her giggle at his reaction, not because she found it funny, but because she was still in disbelief that she was actually here with him, intimately touching him, as she had wanted to for quite awhile. Fighting between the need to take her time and savor the moment and the need to hurry it all up to completion, she simply continued to stroke him, tilting up her head and accepting his lips onto hers, joining him in a deep osculation.

His hands glided over her back, hiking up the top that she wore so that his fingers could feel what they so greedily desired beneath it. He groaned some more as her body arched into his own, desperate to see her as she was seeing him. While still in the kiss, he breathed against her lips. “Seems unfair that I’m the only one naked here.”

Breaking them apart, she turned in his arms, offering her backside to him as she smoothed her hair from off her neck and back; her tone was light and teasing. “I can’t help it, if you’re shy.”

“Shy?” He prodded her shoulder blades, as his hands came up to unzip the teeth that held together her top. “Who’s the one blushing here?”

“I’m not blushing.” She giggled from the goose pimples that had formed on her flesh when his hands began to tug her leggings and panties down.

“Damn, these things are tight.”

“There’s a trick.” She spun back around and backed away from him, until she could sit on the bed, where she proceeded to peel off her bottoms. Ed stood back and watched her, his eyes fixed on every centimeter of milky skin that was revealed as she tugged away her leggings. He swallowed thickly, forcing strength back into his knees when the first hint of light blond curls peeked at him from between the cleft of her thighs. Then, when she rose back up, completely nude, and began to approach him, the young man swore he could even feel heat from his auto-mail.

Before his next breath, she was in front of him again, her supple and lilt form rubbing most suggestively against his own as her lips grazed over his chest. “Sorry for that.” She whispered apologetically.

Stammering from the waves of passion returning to him, he shook his head. “Um, no problem, believe me.”

Smiling back up to him, she winked. “That’s good to hear.” Raising herself on her tiptoes she kissed him again, noticing for the first time how much taller he had gotten and how perfectly his body seemed to meld with hers. To lesson the stretch on her muscles, she hopped up, immediately curling her legs around his waist, giggling when his hands cupped her rear and pressed her body to his all the while, juggling them both toward the bed.

They fell together upon the white sheets, Winry releasing a small yelp of delight when his mouth immediately began nibbling at her collarbone. She breathed his name, her legs smoothing up and down his thighs as her hands tangled in his brassy hair, loosening the braid that held it from his neck.

He raised himself on his arms his body still straddling her as his now freed hair, flowed over his shoulders, their ends gracing Winry’s body; she tucked a few of the fly-away strands behind his ear. “I always knew you’d grow up to be beautiful, Edward. I just didn’t realize how much I would be attracted to you.”

Ed looked deep into her soulful eyes, seeing in them the openness and honesty of her emotions. It touched him deeply and he so desperately wanted to tell her how he felt. That to him, she was gorgeous and tempting, and that now, as she lay under him, vulnerable and wanton of his attentions, he had to literally remind himself to breath.

Pulling her to him, he nuzzled his nose into her hair, giving her earlobe a nipping kiss. “You’re beautiful Winry…beautiful in so many ways.”

“So sweet…” Contentment obvious in her voice and upon her body feeling his mouth leave the confines of her face, traveling lower, reaching her breasts where his lips curled around one swollen peak, rolling its tongue over the stiffened nub, while the fingers of his other hand mimicked the same with its twin.

Her body arched into his again, her nails grazing down the valley of his back, scratching lightly as they came upon his rear, giving it a healthy squeeze, and sending his sex rubbing back and forth along her inner thigh. Sliding her hand between where there bodies met, she wrapped her palm around his girth once again and tugged on it. Ed swore under his breath and raised his head. He looked up at her questioningly.

“Please, Ed.” She began to beg, “there’s time to explore later, right now, damn it…just do it already.”

A small chuckle left him as he pulled himself up her body; that was his Winry, always impatient. His Winry, he smiled, deciding he liked the sound of that. “I thought you’d never let me off the hook.” He joked to her lovingly as he sought her mouth once again with his tongue. Using one of his hands to align himself up with her, he felt as if he needed to say something, but found no words where necessary when she took the action and jerked her hips upward, sending him into her with one swift move.

He choked a little on her tongue, not expecting the breaking of her innocence to cause him some discomfort as well, though hers was worse, he was sure, but one would not know it by the way she began to move immediately, urging him to do the same.

Wholeheartedly obliging her, he sunk himself inside of her to the hilt, drawing back ever slowly, only to thrust back into her quickly and sharply. She continued to claw at his back and buttocks, as he pressed on with hot wet kisses to her lips and throat, all the while his hands gripping onto the small of her back, crushing her lower body into his.

Several minutes went by with the two young lovers, impelling each other to further action, arousing one another’s peaks and stirring both of themselves into a frenzy of wanting desire that neither one had thought possible.

“I’m so close, Winry, I know, it. Oh God, you feel so good.” Ed spoke into her shoulder as his teeth sunk into the soft flesh of her skin, his hips now banging into his girl with a mind of their own.

The sting of the bite Ed had given her, only further added to the growing pleasure that Winry could feel in the pit between her legs, as she worked her body around his sex, squeezing and releasing, giving back to him all that he was giving her.

Unable to contain his passions any longer, Edward heard himself sob out loud his release, the liquid proof of it being lost, flowing deep inside of Winry, as she came into her own orgasm, thrashing and shivering under him with an intense cry of emotion.

With the heat of their copulation still coursing through their veins, the blond male rolled slowly off of the blonde female, disconnecting with her, though he still held her in his arms. She snuggled her face to his chest, breathing in the scent that was uniquely his and pulled the crumbled blanket up over there bodies, snuggling against one another, both noticing for the first time that it was raining.

“Looks like our hiking trip will be cancelled today.” She sighed, not sounding, or looking disappointed in the least.

“And I was really looking forward to it too.” He returned her smart-ass smile. “So guess we’ll have to stay in today.”

“We have this mess to clean up anyway…then you have to go home and get ready to leave for your assignment.”

“Well, I forgot to mention, my trip has been postponed ‘til tomorrow afternoon, so….”

She shrieked in mock anger, ripping the pillow out from under his head and hitting him playfully. “And why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well, I kinda got distracted by some sex-crazed freak.”

“You’ve room to talk.” She snipped back with laughter as she whacked him with the pillow again.

He lightly chuckled at her dramatic act, gripping her gently by the wrists and playfully wrestling with her until she was on her back.

She was breathing rather hard, glaring up at him with a flushed but smiling face. “You’re auto-mail gives you an unfair advantage, ya know.”

Bringing his lips close to hers once again, he grinned wickedly. “Heh, and here I thought you loved my auto-mail.”

With an inward groan of amusement, Winry fluttered her eyes closed, allowing her mind and body to get swept away by the feel of his kiss, agreeing with him, one hundred percent.

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