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Full Metal Alchemist Het Community

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

This community welcomes the posting and discussion of all things related to Fullmetal Alchemist and heterosexual pairings in the series.

Such topics include:

1. Discussion of the series whether focused on the pairings or not. General discussion and het-pairing discussion are both equally welcome here.

2. Posting and recommending of fanworks, your own or ones you've come across (as long as credit is given). Whether it's fanart, fanfiction, livejournal icons, or any other media relating to the Fullmetal Alchemist het-pairings, you're encouraged to post it here. (Please use an LJ-cut if it is a larger image.)

3. This is a community for fans of both the manga as well as the anime. As such, both forms are equally open to discussion. Please respect that. ^^

4. Any and all het-pairings are welcome here ^^

A Few Little Rules and Suggestions for Conduct Here:

1. No character bashing. If we see anything that we find degrading to a character in any way shape or form- the poster will be warned, and if not fixed, banned.

2. Spamming- If you have something to post, do not do it four different times.

3. On posting fanworks, please use following formatting:


Genres: (Fanfiction.net only allows you to choose two genres, but if you feel it fits appropriately in more, go ahead and list them as well.)

Pairings Represented: (Some people are very picky about their pairings, so I suggest you mention all pairings you have used and most of them that you plan to use. Even if it is a general fic without any strong romance, please list any pairings hinted at. The pairing rule does not just apply to romance fic. In the case of the unknown being absolutely needed for impact, please at least list "surprise pairing" or Name/??. This is a courtesy to the readers and is only polite. Those browsing fanfiction should be able to know beforehand exactly what they are getting into)

Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R... If it's a higher rated fic you may want to say something like "R for violence." )

Summary: (An actual summary please. "I suck at summaries" isn't going to cut it.) Summaries must not be above PG rating, whether the fic is a higher rating or not.

And of course a LINK to the fic. If you want to list additional things such as 'word count,' that is of course, fine.

4. Spoilers are to always be placed behind an LJ-cut!

5. In order to make this all user-friendly, please take the time to spell-check your entries, and don't make immature posts on issues that have already been brought up or are just "I LOVE THIS PAIRING KTHNX BYE."

6. It should be common sense, but please be courteous and respectful to the other members.

7. Have fun and keep posting ^^

If you have a question, please contact one of our moderators:
haro [kazenoyume at gmail.com]
abarero [tailfluffgirl at aol.com]

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If you'd like your link added, please feel free to ask one of the mods!